classmethod ImageFile.load(*args, **kargs)[source]

Create a ImageFile from file abnd guessing a better subclass if necessary.


filename (string or None) – path to file to load

Keyword Arguments
  • auto_load (bool) – If True (default) then the load routine tries all the subclasses of ImageFile in turn to load the file

  • filetype (ImageFile, str) – If not none then tries using filetype as the loader.

  • debug (bool) – Turn on debugging when running autoload. Default False


(ImageFile) – A a new ImageFile (or subclass thereof) instance


If filetupe is a string, then it is first tried as an exact match to a subclass name, otherwise it is used as a partial match and the first class in priority order is that matches is used.

Some subclasses can be found in the Stoner.formats package.

Each subclass is scanned in turn for a class attribute Stoner.ImnageFile.priority which governs the order in which they are tried. Subclasses which can make an early positive determination that a file has the correct format can have higher priority levels. Classes should return a suitable expcetion if they fail to load the file.

If no class can load a file successfully then a RunttimeError exception is raised.