ImageFile.level_image(poly_vert=1, poly_horiz=1, box=None, poly=None, mode='clip')

Subtract a polynomial background from image.

Keword Arguments:
poly_vert (int): fit a polynomial in the vertical direction for the image of order

given. If 0 do not fit or subtract in the vertical direction

poly_horiz (int): fit a polynomial of order poly_horiz to the image. If 0 given

do not subtract

box (array, list or tuple of int): [xmin,xmax,ymin,ymax] define region for fitting. IF None use entire


poly (list or None): [pvert, phoriz] pvert and phoriz are arrays of polynomial coefficients

(highest power first) to subtract in the horizontal and vertical directions. If None function defaults to fitting its own polynomial.

mode (str): Either ‘clip’ or ‘norm’ - specifies how to handle intensitry values that end up being outside

of the accepted range for the image.


A new copy of the processed images.

Fit and subtract a background to the image. Fits a polynomial of order given in the horizontal and vertical directions and subtracts. If box is defined then level the entire image according to the gradient within the box. The polynomial subtracted is added to the metadata as ‘poly_vert_subtract’ and ‘poly_horiz_subtract’