ImageFolder.montage(*args, **kargs)

Call the plot method for each metadataObject, but switching to a subplot each time.

Keyword Arguments
  • extra (callable(i,j,d)) – A callable that can carry out additional processing per plot after the plot is done

  • figsize (tuple(x,y)) – Size of the figure to create

  • dpi (float) – dots per inch on the figure

  • edgecolor,facecolor (matplotlib colour) – figure edge and frame colours.

  • frameon (bool) – Turns figure frames on or off

  • FigureClass (class) – Passed to matplotlib figure call.

  • plots_per_page (int) – maximum number of plots per figure.

  • tight_layout (dict or False) – If not False, arguments to pass to a call of matplotlib.pyplot.tight_layout(). Defaults to {}


A list of matplotlib.pyplot.Axes instances.


If the underlying type of the Stoner.Core.metadataObject instances in the PlotFolder lacks a plot method, then the instances are converted to Stoner.Core.Data.

Each plot is generated as sub-plot on a page. The number of rows and columns of subplots is computed from the aspect ratio of the figure and the number of files in the PlotFolder.