Data.plot_xyzuvw(xcol=None, ycol=None, zcol=None, ucol=None, vcol=None, wcol=None, **kargs)

Plot a vector field plot based on rows of X,Y,Z (U,V,W) data using ,ayavi.

  • xcol (index) – Xcolumn index or label

  • ycol (index) – Y column index or label

  • zcol (index) – Z column index or label

  • ucol (index) – U column index or label

  • vcol (index) – V column i ndex or label

  • wcol (index) – W column index or label

Keyword Arguments
  • colormap (string) – Vector field colour map - defaults to the jet colour map

  • colors (column index or numpy array) – Values used to map the colors of the resultant file.

  • mode (string) – glyph type, default is “cone”

  • scale_factor (float) – Scale-size of glyphs.

  • figure (mlab figure) – Controls what mlab figure to use. Can be an integer, or a mlab.figure or False. If False then a new figure is always used, otherwise it will default to using the last figure used by this DataFile object.

  • plotter (callable) – Optional arguement that passes a plotting function into the routine. Sensible choices might be plt.plot (default), py.semilogy, plt.semilogx

  • kargs (dict) – A dictionary of other keyword arguments to pass into the plot function.


A mayavi scene instance