Stoner.plot.utils.errorfill(x, y, yerr=None, xerr=None, color=None, ls=None, lw=None, alpha=1, alpha_fill=0.5, label='', label_fill='', ax=None, **kargs)[source]

Plot data with errors marked by a filled region.

  • x, y (arrays) – Coordinates of data.

  • yerr, xerr ([scalar | N, (N, 1), or (2, N) array]) –

    Error for the input data:
    • If scalar, then filled region spans y +/- yerr or x +/- xerr.

  • color (Matplotlib color) – Color of line and fill region.

  • ls (Matplotlib line style) – Style of the line

  • lw (Matplotlib line width, float) – Width of the line in points

  • alpha (float) – Opacity used for plotting.

  • alpha_fill (float) – Opacity of filled region. Note: the actual opacity of the fill is alpha * alpha_fill.

  • label (str) – Label for line.

  • label_fill (str) – Label for filled region.

  • ax (Axis instance) – The plot is drawn on axis ax. If None the current axis is used