ImageFolder.align(*args, **kargs)

Align each image in the folder to the reference image.


ref (str, int, ImageFile, ImageArray or 2D array) – The reference image to align to. If a string or an int, then this is used to lookup the corresponding member of the ImageFolder which is then used. ImageFiles, ImageArrays and 2D arrays are used directly as reference images.

Keyword Arguments
  • method (str) – The mthod is passed to the Stone.Image.ImageArray.align method to control how the image alignment is done. By default the ‘Scharr’ method is used.

  • box (int, float, tuple of ints or floats) – Specifies a subset of the images to be used to calculate the alignment with.

  • scale (int) – Magnification factor to scale the image by before doing the alignment for better sub=pixel alignments.


The aligned ImageFolder.