ImageFile.reshape(*s, **kwargs)

Give a new shape to the array without changing its data.

Returns a masked array containing the same data, but with a new shape. The result is a view on the original array; if this is not possible, a ValueError is raised.

shapeint or tuple of ints

The new shape should be compatible with the original shape. If an integer is supplied, then the result will be a 1-D array of that length.

order{‘C’, ‘F’}, optional

Determines whether the array data should be viewed as in C (row-major) or FORTRAN (column-major) order.


A new view on the array.

reshape : Equivalent function in the masked array module. numpy.ndarray.reshape : Equivalent method on ndarray object. numpy.reshape : Equivalent function in the NumPy module.

The reshaping operation cannot guarantee that a copy will not be made, to modify the shape in place, use a.shape = s

>>> x =[[1,2],[3,4]], mask=[1,0,0,1])
>>> x
  data=[[--, 2],
        [3, --]],
  mask=[[ True, False],
        [False,  True]],
>>> x = x.reshape((4,1))
>>> x
  mask=[[ True],
        [ True]],