ImageFile.profile_line(src=None, dst=None, linewidth=1, order=1, mode='constant', cval=0.0, constrain=True, **kargs)

Wrap sckit-image method of the same name to get a line_profile.


img (ImageArray) – Image data to take line section of

Keyword Parameters:
src, dst (2-tuple of int or float):

start and end of line profile. If the co-ordinates are given as intergers then they are assumed to be pxiel co-ordinates, floats are assumed to be real-space co-ordinates using the embedded metadata.

linewidth (int):

the wideth of the profile to be taken.

order (int 1-3):

Order of interpolation used to find image data when not aligned to a point

mode (str):

How to handle data outside of the image.

cval (float):

The constant value to assume for data outside of the image is mode is “constant”

constrain (bool):

Ensure the src and dst are within the image (default True).

no_scale (bool):

Do not attempt to scale values by the image scale and work in pixels throughout. (default False)


A Stoner.Data object containing the line profile data and the metadata from the image.