ImageFile.Stoner__Image__imagefuncs__translate(translation, add_metadata=False, order=3, mode='wrap', cval=None)

Translate the image.

Areas lost by move are cropped, and areas gained are made black (0) The area not lost or cropped is added as a metadata parameter ‘translation_limits’


translate (2-tuple) – translation (x,y)

Keyword Arguments
  • add_metadata (bool) – Record the shift in the image metadata order (int): Interpolation order (default, 3, bi-cubic)

  • mode (str) – How to handle points outside the original image. See skimage.transform.warp(). Defaults to “wrap”

  • cval (float) – The value to fill with if mode is constant. If not speficied or None, defaults to the mean pixcel value.


im (ImageArray) – translated image