ImageFile.Stoner__Image__imagefuncs__radial_profile(angle=None, r=None, centre=(None, None), pixel_size=(1, 1))

Extract a radial profile line from an image.

Keyword Paramaters:
angle (float, tuple, None):
Select the radial angle to include:
  • float selects a single angle

  • tuple selects a range of angles

  • None integrates over all angles

r (array, None):

Edges of the bins in the radual direction - will return r.size-1 points. Default is None which uses the minimum r value found on the edges of the image.

centre (2-tuple):

Co-ordinates of centre point in terms of the orginal pixels. Defaults to(None,None) for the middle of the image.

pixel_size (2-tuple):

The size of one pixel in (dx by dy) - defaults to 1,1


A py:class:Stoner.Data object with a column for r and columns for mean, std, and number of pixels.