ImageFile.Stoner__Image__imagefuncs__fft(shift=True, phase=False, remove_dc=False, gaussian=None, window=None)

Perform a 2d fft of the image and shift the result to get zero frequency in the centre.

Keyword Arguments
  • shift (bool) – Shift the fft so that zero order is in the centre of the image. Default True

  • phase (bool, None) – If true, return the phase angle rather than the magnitude if False. If None, return the raw fft. Default False - return magnitude of fft.

  • remove_dc (bool) – Replace the points around the dc offset with the mean of the fft to avoid dc offset artefacts. Default False

  • gaussian (None or float) – Apply a gaussian blur to the fft where this parameter is the width of the blue in px. Default None for off.

  • window (None or str) – If not None (default) the image is multiplied by the given window function before the fft is calculated. This avpoids leaking some signal into the higher frequency bands due to discontinuities at the image edges.


fft of the image, preserving metadata.