Data.contour_xyz(xcol=None, ycol=None, zcol=None, shape=None, xlim=None, ylim=None, plotter=None, **kargs)

Make a xyz plot that forces the use of plt.contour.

xcol (index):

Xcolumn index or label

ycol (index):

Y column index or label

zcol (index):

Z column index or label

Keyword Arguments
  • shape (two-tuple) – Number of points along x and y in the grid - defaults to a square of sidelength = square root of the length of the data.

  • xlim (tuple) – The xlimits, defaults to automatically determined from data

  • ylim (tuple) – The ylimits, defaults to automatically determined from data

  • plotter (function) – Function to use to plot data. Defaults to plt.contour

  • show_plot (bool) – Turn on interfactive plotting and show plot when drawn

  • save_filename (string or None) – If set to a string, save the plot with this filename

  • figure (integer or matplotlib.figure or boolean) – Controls which figure is used for the plot, or if a new figure is opened.

  • **kargs (dict) – Other arguments are passed on to the plotter.


A matplotlib figure